Bio                                          Artist Statement

Artist from the midwest that currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. A maker of things is a good title for me because I tend to jump around in between mediums. I enjoy the process of creating and it seems absurd to limit that direction. I believe this is the time of multidisciplines.  

Through my work I am trying to engineer an in-between of digital and physical presence. My work is influenced by chance and chaos processes in the physical world and then manipulated digitally to present an echo or glimpse at a natural process. I tend to use references that speak to natural formations like wood grain, waves or even internal organs. I am influenced by explorations of systems, science and play. My current body of work is a poetic ode to the cycles of life primarily looking at its entrance and exit. I am currently furthering this work by working with large fabric prints that react to vibrations and bass rhythms to create movement that makes sound more physical. I am also looking into the potentials of creating self sufficient systems of sustainable living tech. Putting together machines that can perpetuate themselves in a loop like a fan powering a wind turbine that provides power to the fan. I am looking to create pauses and ruminate on the cycles of the world and our obsession with repetition and loops.


I have a sinking suspicion this was all for nothing. When I reached down into the riverbed, and after all the soot and soil washes away from my hands, I will be left with nothing except the slowly dissipating cold. As we fall forward into the destinies of our own destructive death, we wash away our past, shed our former selves for a seemingly more advanced but perpetually more fragile self. I saw myself in the mirror the other day. My eyes, red as blood; hands seemingly not my own. I find that as I make more and more distance, I am left with that same chill. Is this me anymore? Are we a we anymore? This repeated call that echoes back from the canyons reveals nothing. A loop is a loop is a loop. The cycle is only proven to be anything upon its entrance and exit. You are born and then you die; repeat until someone climaxes. I want to propose a simultaneous syncing with the revolutions while also taking a step back, outside of this repetition. Perpetuate and play, that is the answer. I once spun a merry-go-round as fast as I could with my hands. Difference disappeared into a blur of color, and then, as if I believed in every action movie I ever saw, I dove forward into the ride. The merry-go-round dug deeply into my skin, relieving me of a generous amount of deep red, and leaving a mark that persists to this day. A system that was at one point a blurry meaningless nothing gave me a poignant pause in my life. The only thing I will ever acknowledge is an entrance/ exit. 




Untitled Mondays, Group Exhibition, Hou Yee Chan Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. January 2016


Small Works Show, Group Exhibition, 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. December, 2015

The Grand Salon, Group Exhibition, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. September, 2015

Strange Loops, Solo Exhibit, Exposure Gallery, Sioux Falls, SD. August 2015

Strobe Network, Group Exhibition, Flux Factory, Queens, NY. July 2015

Neither Confirmed Nor Denied, Group Exhibition, Rogue Space Gallery, New York, NY. May 2015

A Long History Cut Short, Group Exhibition, Point of Contact Gallery, Syracuse, NY. January, 2015


Followable Logic, Group Exhibition, Gallery 13, Minneapolis, MN. July 2014

Time Based Lovers, Group Exhibition, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Buffalo, NY. May 2014

Art Vs. Appliance: 2,  Group Exhibition, Eastman Appliance store, Sioux Falls, SD. April 2014


Common Language, Group Exhibition, Leeds College of Fine Arts, Leeds, England. November 2013

Airing Out Natural Formations, Solo Exhibition, Exposure Gallery, Sioux Falls, SD. September 2013

P3, Group Exhibition, Washington Pavilion, Sioux Falls, SD. March 2013


Trapped Between, Solo Exhibition, Third Eye Gallery, Sioux Falls, SD. July 2012

Take the day, Group Exhibition, Washington Pavilion, Sioux Falls, SD. November 2011

Art vs Appliance, Group Exhibition, Eastman Appliance store, Sioux Falls, SD. April 2011

Shape of History, Solo Exhibition,  IPSO Gallery, Sioux Falls, SD. November 2010

Stillwell Student Art Show, Juried Exhibition, USD Galleries, Vermillion, SD. February 2009

Untitled, Solo Exhibition, VAAC, Vermillion SD. December 2009

South Dakota’s Governor’s Biennale, Juried Exhibition, Travelling exhibition, January 2009

Stillwell Student Art Show, Juried Exhibition, USD Galleries, Vermillion, SD. February 2008

Draw, Group Exhibition, VAAC, Vermillion, SD. November 2008

A Man and His Problems, Solo Exhibition, Coffee Shop Gallery, Vermillion, SD. April 2008

Stillwell Student Art Show, Juried Exhibition, USD Galleries, Vermillion, SD. February 2007



Best in Show - MFA Graduating Exhibition: Neither Confirmed Nor Denied, Syracuse, NY. 2015

Printmaking Award - MFA Graduating Exhibition: Neither Confirmed Nor Denied,  2015